NaVera Farms Bed & Breakfast 

Please note; There are specific areas of our residence which are shared by our pet cat, Ruby and our little dogs named Gwennie and Dixie.  They love to sit next to our guests while they read a book or meditate.  We hope you allow them to share the love with you.

Escape to what has been named one of the most wonderful farm destinations in America. 

A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax and become one with nature.

In keeping with the Harmony and Balance at this property, the concept of Feng Shui has been engaged, maintained and monitored. 

 NaVera Farms is the perfect retreat and learning adventure for plant enthusiasts, animal lovers, tree-huggers, bird watchers, and those who wish to get a little dirty playing in nature alongside many farm animals.  Here, the environment is earth friendly, "Green" and pure.   In support of your visit, this property maintains a smoke-free property and EMF (electromagnetic fields) monitored farm. 

One of the few in the United States.

We maintain a cell phone and WiFi free environment which includes our residence and farm areas.   

Cell phone usage and storage is permitted and provided in a designated location outside away from the residence and farm life.  This property is also a "Smoke-Free" property including e-cigarettes.

Our honored guests have access to a landline phone as well as high-speed Ethernet supported computers with printer, fax, and scanning.  A  Media Room with a 65-inch plasma flat screen with surround sound offers a special sharing enjoying select entertainment in the evenings if so desired.

The farm provides a safe home for over 200 farm animals from Hens, Pigs, Ducks, a Turkey, Equine, Goats, Cows, Alpacas, a Llama, Mini Ponies, Dogs, Cats, Aquarium Fish, Birds and a resident Duck named

Yum Yum. 

Many of our animals have been rescued or adopted.  Since this is not a family farm we pay for 98% of all labor and management.  Our Bed & Breakfast serves as necessary income to assist with the cost of caring for the animals including payroll, veterinarian costs, organic feed and supplements, housing and maintenance.

Contact us to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with a few resident farmers. 

Our goal is to provide an experience which we call a "Farm Stay" here at NaVera Farms.   Enjoying the energy of animals, plants and Mother Earth was a top priority when we created this natural farm from scratch and we hope you will allow yourself the gift we offer.

Whether alone or with a significant other or friends, we offer you a stay of rest in a king size bed, a day of farming and some vegetarian, organic food to keep your body nourished.

          To learn more about our Natural Farm Commitments and Policies please visit our farm site at           . 

See you soon!

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