NaVera Farms Bed & Breakfast 

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It is time for you to return to harmony.

Our Commitment

Our unsurpassed commitment to each guest:

NaVera Farms prides itself on offering one of the few Bed & Breakfast retreats in the country which is environmentally committed to you, our guests and Mother Earth.  As national and global travelers, we understand that 98% of most vacations, weekend trips and overnight retreats usually involved business, taking care of others and the continual stimulus of the outside world of technology, responsibility and programmed habits for survival.  These traits and influences do not support the purpose of relaxation, rejuvenation nor peace of mind.

Our unsurpassed guest commitment includes a cell phone and Wi-Fi free residence and property.  We are proud to be the only bed and breakfast in the United States which is free of cellular, Wi-Fi, cable and satellite, environmentally committed bed and breakfast property in the United States.  

NaVera Farms is also the location of Farm Life Foundation, our educational organization, teaching many on the care, respect, and responsibility of animals, plants, and the land.


             Please view our special Farm Life Foundation site at


      To view our unsurpassed environmental commitment to you and all living forms, please visit:


Our goal is to offer a destination for true joy, away from the influences of the commercial world. 

This is what "getting away from it all" used to mean. 

In addition, we do not offer televisions in our guest rooms.  To do so would again keep our guests emotionally attached to daily dramas from the media or other forms of stimulation which offer neither inspiration nor relaxation.  Our residence does offer a Media Room which includes a large 60' flat screen with Blue-ray DVD player.   We are pleased to announce a library of classic comedies, cartoons, musicals and British sitcoms guaranteed to bring laughter to each guest.  In addition, there is a glass enclosed, private sun porch for reading one of our many inspiring books or you own treasured novel.   

We offer a 100% chemical free environment.  Pure essential oils are used for air purification and cleaning.   Fluoride and Chlorine are never used on the farm.   All cleaning products are bio-degradable and naturally sourced.  Recycling is understood.

Pest control is "green" and does not harm any living entity like people, plants, and pets.

Our water is pulled from an Artesian well which is also filtered through an advanced Eco-Water system using potassium instead of salt.  The entire residence offers the same quality of water for bathing, drinking, and laundry.

Lighting has been designed to ensure a comfortable and relaxing space whether in your private room or enjoying any location in our home.   You will not find the use of fluorescent bulbs, Wi-Fi, cordless phones or any noise pollution in our home.  You may hear some quiet jazz or classical music being played in the background to enhance your experience. 

Himalayan Salt Stone lamps are placed in each guest room to balance the ions for a stress-free experience.   Guests are supplied with all natural soaps, shampoos, and lotion upon request.  All products used must meet our environmentally friendly, safe, biodegradable commitment.  We keep a supply of sample size "safe and natural" body products from soap to shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, sunscreen, and lotions.  Yes, we have extra toothbrushes.  All at no cost to our guests.

In respect of the health of Bees, Humans and all living entities; perfumes and colognes are not permitted on property unless they of pure form from the Young  Living or DoTerra companies.  PS. Bees love sweet-smelling scents and will court our guests who decide to walk in peace or run for shelter if wearing a scent!

Some of our guests choose to visit with the farm animals or some may choose to relax in our residence, rocking on the front porch or reading in the private sunroom. Your comfort is our business.  We allow you to choose your special place on the farm.


A wholesome, organic, healthy Breakfast is served each morning between 7:00 am and 9:00 am.  For those early risers, we will be sure to prepare your options earlier upon request.

Each guest will enjoy organic, packaged yogurts, organic fruit, fresh baked organic pastries from our favorite health food store, organic coffee, organic juice and packaged organic cereals. 

At your request, we will gladly steer you towards our favorite brunch locations in Jacksonville.

Recreation, Shopping, and Dining

Speaking of is only a 30-minute drive to the airport and 45 minutes to downtown museums, restaurants, cafes, shopping and antique stores.   St. Augustine, the oldest town in America is also just south of our farm approximately 50 mins!  There is also the quaint town of Fernandina Beach which offers a wonderful array of unique shops and restaurants just off the waterfront!   From the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to the St. Johns River Cruise, there is plenty to do for the day, evening or holiday!