NaVera Farms Bed & Breakfast 

For the safety of all honored guests, team members, and treasured animals, all reservations are qualified through our "name search background check" to confirm identity which includes any criminal history.

NaVera Farms is a gated and monitored property.

Our guests choose NaVera Farms as it mirrors their own commitment to a natural, organic, lifestyle, which serves their highest desires for excellent health, harmony, and balance with self, nature, the animal kingdom, and Mother Earth.  

We manage a total non-smoking and tobacco-free policyincluding e-cigarettes.

Our guests choose to truly "unplug" from the demands of the high-tech

world, and "retreat" to that special place which reminds one of the way things used to be, for the good of all.  

It's all about relaxing, and we make it easier on our guests to do so.

Guests are permitted to check-in as early as 1:00 pm!  

Check-out time is not till 11:30 am enabling all to relax after breakfast.

Imagine... enjoying over 200 animals during the day and retiring to your comfortable sleeping room at night.  Perhaps with one of our wonderful storybooks of inspiration and joy or our educational hardbacks on many topics supporting human, spirit, animal and plant life.

Our nightly rates are the same regardless of a weeknight or weekend night or holiday season.  Every guest is treated to a fair price without promotions.

Our guest rooms are designed to nurture.  Luxury king size beds, cradled with eco-friendly bamboo sheets, soft bamboo pillows & romantic lighting, invite one to truly sleep with the angels. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps balance the "sleeping sanctuaries." 

The residence is clear of all contaminants with the assistance of our GT3000 ionization purification system!

All food served is Organic, non-GMO, and nutritious.  No processed sugar, soy or canola oil is permitted in the preparation of any meal.  Raw Stevia is used as a healthy replacement for sweetener, for those who cannot have any sugar.  Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Spices are standard supplements

Meat-free. Pork, beef or chicken are not served in this residence making NaVera Farms a perfect choice for Vegetarians and Pescatarians,  we will also accommodate Vegan diets and guests who are dairy-free, gluten-free or nut free as well, just ask!  We have milk and cream alternatives, no worries.

Soy and Canola oil free, always .

Microwaves will be not found in this residence.  Radiated food serves no one.

Aluminum products and cooking utensil are not used for any purpose.

Lighting is carefully selected avoiding fluorescent and CFL bulbs.  It's all about the ambiance as well as the health and well-being of our guests.

All water is filtered throughout the residence utilizing a Potassium filtering system from our Artesian Well which is void of Floride, Chlorine.  The water has been tested by the county environmental services department and is free of all chemicals and contaminants.

Guests can truly enjoy a cup of Freshly Ground, Organic, free trade, coffee and herbal teas using the purest water available! 

Our guest bathrooms include healthy, "chemical free" face & body products.   For those new to the natural, healthy commitments, we also offer fluoride-free toothpaste, natural toothbrushes, aluminum-free antiperspirant, natural sunscreen and ion blow-dryers.

Guests may enjoy a coconut soap bath or warm, clean shower knowing they are being blessed with water from an Artesian Well.  

Bamboo towels are appropriately placed within a simple reach.

Bleach and other toxic chemicals are never used on any laundry items or in the residence or environment.  This includes cleaning products, pesticides or insecticides.   

Complimentary Land-line phone

We offer private landline phones for local and long distance calls within the United States at no charge to our guests.  All residence phone ringers are silenced during each guest stay to ensure a peaceful environment.  Messages are checked as needed.

Complimentary Laundry service

Traveling can limit one from always having clean clothes.  We can take care of that for you.  Just give us any travel clothes you need to be cleaned and we will Wash, and Dry for you at no cost!  We understand. 

Complimentary experiences 

  • Enjoy a session with our Shiatsu feet massager,"
  • Relax and experience "Body Balancing" with the "Chi Machine."
  • Allow yourself to a brief "Intro to Pure Essential Oils" consultation.  Change your life with oils!

Our home is your home....

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask us, the grass is pretty green over here. 

It’s beautiful. Harmonious indeed. 

Everything you need is provided to ensure your "Quiet Place."  

Plan a visit to NaVera Farms and return to peace and tranquility surrounded by harp music, comfortable reading and meditation nooks and "tea for two" settings.  

Return to a memory enjoying one of our vast selections of "Classic Movies" in the Media Room. 

Want some adventure?  

Our  B&B guests each receive a scheduled "Talk to the Animals" farm tour!

Come learn about the many animals from hens to equine, alpacas to goats, bunnies and ducks, a turkey and a Llama! 

Hug an animal and experience true companionship.

View the site at 

 We will coordinate and schedule the tour with your visit.  Pictures are on us!   All pictures will be taken by one of our tour guides.  They will edit, resize, and enhance for you.   Emailed copies are yours to enjoy at no cost!

Thank you.

  Why do our guests choose NaVera Farms?

​ ​

Our guests also choose NaVera Farms for its commitment and management of a 
"Safe Zone"  

free from cellular devices, cellular watches, Wi-Fi, Satellites and Smart Meters.

Quick video on EMF detriments below, please click on the link.  

Wi-fi, Cellular phones, Cellular watches, iPads, and Cellular camera use is not permitted in the residence or on the animal farm. 

Cell phones may be kept in the guest vehicle or in the designated area and must be powered off at all times.  

A five-minute message check at parking area or designated area, outside of the residence is permissible twice a day.  

Our policy to protect the Bees, Monarchs, animals, plants and the health of all guests, serves the mission of this business, the organization, and all living forms.  

Computers with Ethernet, offering full Internet privileges are available for all guests at no cost.

   We thank our guests for honoring themselves, the environment and all life forms.